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Ace Hardware Military Discount

February 18, 2024

Ace Hardware appreciates the sacrifices made by military personnel by offering a military discount at many of its locations. This discount aims to help service members save on their purchases, including tools, home improvement products, and gardening supplies. Below is a detailed exploration of the Ace Hardware military discount, including eligibility, how to avail it, and tips for maximizing savings.

Does Ace Hardware Offer A Military Discount?

Yes, Ace Hardware offers a military discount, but it's important to note that this discount varies by location since Ace Hardware stores are independently owned and operated. Most locations offer a 10% discount to active duty, reserve, retired personnel, and veterans with valid military ID. This discount is applicable to most items in the store, but it cannot be combined with other offers or promotions and is typically not applicable to sale or clearance items​​​​.

What Other Discount Or Promotions Does Ace Hardware Offer?

Apart from the military discount, Ace Hardware provides various other ways to save, including Ace Rewards, a loyalty program where customers earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. Many stores also run sales and clearance events, especially during holidays, providing an excellent opportunity to save​​​​.

Tips To Save At Ace Hardware

  • Check for Special Sales: Some Ace Hardware stores offer special deals on Veterans Day and other military holidays, potentially increasing the discount or offering additional savings.

  • Ace Rewards Program: Sign up for the Ace Rewards program to earn points on purchases, which can be redeemed for discounts.

  • Contact Your Local Store: Since discounts can vary, it's a good idea to check with your local Ace Hardware store about the availability and specifics of the military discount.

  • Explore Sales and Clearance Sections: Regularly visiting the sales and clearance sections can lead to significant savings on a variety of items.

  • Price Match: Some Ace Hardware stores may offer price matching, ensuring you get the best deal available​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can family members of military personnel avail the discount?

The military discount is typically available only to the service member with valid ID. However, policies may vary by location, so it's advisable to inquire at your local store​​.

Is the military discount available online?

No, the Ace Hardware military discount is available for in-store purchases only​​.

Can the military discount be combined with other promotions?

Generally, the military discount cannot be combined with other offers or promotions​​.

How can I avail of the military discount at Ace Hardware?

Present a valid military ID at the time of purchase to receive the discount. It's recommended to verify participation with your local store beforehand​​.

Does Ace Hardware offer a Veterans Day discount?

While Ace Hardware offers a year-round military discount, specific Veterans Day discounts may vary by location. Some stores may offer additional sales or promotions during military holidays​​.

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