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Disneyland Military Discount

January 22, 2024

For those who serve or have served in the military, Disneyland extends its appreciation through exclusive military discounts

This guide delves into the depths of these offers, ensuring that our heroes and their families can enjoy the magic of Disneyland without the worry of stretching their budget. 

Does Disneyland Offer A Military Discount?

Yes, Disneyland offers military discounts on both park tickets and hotel stays.

Military Discounted Theme Park Tickets:

  • Available to: Active or retired U.S. military personnel, including National Guard, Reservists, Coast Guard, Space Force, Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service (PHS), and Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

  • Types of tickets: 3-day and 4-day Park Hopper tickets, with or without Genie+ service.

  • Prices:

    • 3-day Park Hopper: $269

    • 3-day Park Hopper with Genie+: $359

    • 4-day Park Hopper: $315

    • 4-day Park Hopper with Genie+: $435

  • Where to purchase: Participating U.S. military base ticket offices.

  • Valid for use: January 2 through December 13, 2024.

  • Purchase by: December 10, 2024.

Military Discounted Hotel Rooms:

  • Available to: Eligible service members or spouses.

  • Discount: Up to 40% off at the Grand Californian, up to 35% off at the Disneyland Hotel, and up to 30% off at Paradise Pier.

  • Valid for travel: January 2 through December 13, 2024.

  • Book by: December 10, 2024.

What Other Discount Or Promotions Does Disneyland Offer?

Besides the military discount, Disneyland offers a variety of other discounts and promotions, depending on the season, visitor type, and length of stay. Here are some examples:

Current Offers:

  • Kids' Special Ticket Offer: Save up to 50% on 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day park tickets for children ages 3-9, valid for use between January 8 and March 10, 2024.

  • SoCal Resident Tickets: Residents of Southern California can purchase special 3-day tickets for as low as $75 per day, with admission to one park per day. Valid for weekdays between January 2 and June 2, 2024.

  • Hotel Discounts: Save up to 20% on Sunday through Thursday night stays at select Disneyland Resort hotels from January 15 to March 7, 2024.

  • New Disney® Premier Visa® Cardmembers: Earn a $300 statement credit with approval and first purchase on a new Disney® Premier Visa® Card.

Other Common Discounts And Promotions

  • Annual Passes: For frequent visitors, an annual pass can offer significant savings compared to buying individual park tickets.

  • Weekday Discounts: Tickets are often cheaper on weekdays than on weekends.

  • Multi-Day Tickets: Purchasing multi-day tickets can be cheaper than buying single-day tickets.

  • Package Deals: Combining park tickets with hotel stays and other services can sometimes offer discounts.

  • AAA/Military/Teacher Discounts: Special rates are sometimes available for members of these groups.

  • Seasonal Events: Discounts or special offers may be available during certain events, such as Halloween Time or the Holidays.

Tips To Save At Disneyland

Visiting Disneyland can be a magical experience, but it also can be costly. Here are some tips to save money during your visit:

  • Plan Your Visit During Off-Peak Times: Visiting during the off-peak season not only saves money on tickets and accommodations but also means fewer crowds and shorter lines.

  • Use Multi-Day Passes: Multi-day passes often come at a reduced rate per day compared to single-day tickets.

  • Dine Smart: Consider dining outside the park or bringing your own snacks to save on food costs.

  • Stay in Good Neighbor Hotels: These hotels are officially recommended by Disneyland and often offer more affordable rates compared to staying on-site.

  • Look for Package Deals: Booking your hotel, tickets, and dining as a package can often lead to savings.

  • Purchase Souvenirs in Advance: Buying Disney merchandise from other retailers before your visit can be more cost-effective.

  • Use Disneyland's Mobile App: The app can help you plan your visit more efficiently, potentially saving both time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Purchase Disneyland Military Discount Tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at military sales outlets or by contacting Disneyland's ticketing office directly for the most current information and offers.

Are There Blackout Dates for Military Promotional Tickets?

Yes, certain promotional tickets have blackout dates. It's essential to check the terms and conditions of the tickets at the time of purchase.

Can Family Members of Military Personnel Avail of These Discounts?

Yes, family members can benefit from these discounts, but there may be limitations on the number of tickets that can be purchased.

Do Disneyland's Military Discounts Extend to Veteran Affairs (VA) Cardholders?

Generally, these discounts are for active and retired military members. However, it's advisable to contact Disneyland for specific eligibility requirements related to VA cardholders.

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