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PXG Military Discount

January 31, 2024

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG), a leader in the golf equipment industry, has garnered significant attention for its high-quality products and innovative technology. Understanding the importance of inclusivity in sports, PXG extends its appreciation to those who serve by offering a military discount. This program is more than just a marketing strategy; it's a commitment to honoring military personnel.

In this article, we delve into the details of the PXG Military Discount, explore other promotions offered by the company, and share practical tips for saving while shopping with PXG.

Does PXG Offer A Military Discount?

Yes, PXG does offer a military discount through their PXG for Heroes program. This program provides special pricing on select PXG golf clubs, apparel, and accessories to:

  • Active duty and retired members of the U.S. armed forces

  • Law enforcement officers

  • Firefighters

  • Paramedics/EMTs

  • 911 Dispatchers

The exact discount you'll receive depends on the specific items you're interested in, but it can be up to 50% off select clubs and apparel.

Here's how to access the PXG for Heroes discounts:

  1. Visit the PXG for Heroes website.

  2. Click the "Verify With ID.ME" button.

  3. Follow the prompts to verify your eligibility using your official ID.me verification.

  4. Once verified, you'll be able to see the Heroes pricing on select PXG products.

What Other Discount Or Promotions Does PXG Offer?

In addition to the PXG for Heroes program, PXG offers a variety of other discounts and promotions throughout the year. Here are a few current examples:

General promotions:

  • Shop PXG Deals & Specials: This dedicated page on the PXG website lists currently discounted clubs, apparel, and accessories. You'll find deep discounts on previous generation gear, as well as specific deals like:

    • GEN5 Drivers for only $289.99 (originally $599.99)

    • GEN5 Full Bag sets starting at $1,999.99

    • Lucky 7: Choose seven unique clubs for a discounted price.

  • PXG x HYPEGOLF Promotion: Get 20% off PXG apparel by using the code HYPEGOLF20 at checkout. This offer excludes golf equipment, accessories, bags, headwear, and gift cards.

  • $25 Fitting Credit: Book a club fitting and receive a $25 credit towards your purchase of PXG clubs.

Seasonal promotions:

  • PXG often runs seasonal promotions, such as holiday sales and Father's Day deals. Keep an eye out for announcements on their website and social media channels.

Tips To Save At PXG

Saving on PXG equipment involves more than just taking advantage of discounts and promotions. Here are some practical tips to maximize savings when purchasing from PXG:

  • Follow PXG on Social Media: PXG frequently announces special deals and exclusive offers on its social media platforms. By following their accounts, customers can be among the first to know about these opportunities.

  • Subscribe to the Newsletter: Subscribing to PXG's newsletter is an effective way to receive timely updates on sales, new product launches, and exclusive offers directly in your inbox.

  • Consider Pre-Owned Equipment: PXG offers certified pre-owned equipment, which undergoes rigorous inspection to ensure quality and performance. This option can be significantly more affordable than purchasing new equipment.

  • Look for Trade-In Programs: PXG sometimes offers trade-in programs where customers can exchange their old golf clubs for credit towards new PXG equipment. This is a cost-effective way to upgrade your golf set.

  • Attend PXG Fitting Events: Participating in fitting events not only ensures you get the right equipment for your play style but also provides opportunities to access special offers and discounts available exclusively at these events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PXG Military Discount available to international military personnel?

The eligibility for international military personnel varies. While primarily aimed at U.S. military members, it's advisable for international service members to contact PXG directly for information on applicable discounts in their region.

How often does PXG update its military discount offerings?

PXG periodically reviews and updates its discount offerings, including the military discount. Stay updated by subscribing to their newsletter or following them on social media for the latest information.

What kind of proof is required to verify military status for the discount?

Acceptable proof of military status may include a military ID, DD214, or other official documentation that confirms your service. The verification process is outlined on PXG's website.

Are there any specific times of the year when the military discount increases?

While the military discount is consistent throughout the year, PXG may offer additional promotions or increased discounts around military-related holidays like Veterans Day or Memorial Day.

Does PXG offer a price match guarantee on products purchased with a military discount?

PXG’s policy on price matching for products purchased with a military discount may vary. It's recommended to inquire directly with PXG's customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their price match guarantee.

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