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Twin Peaks Military Discount

January 12, 2024

Twin Peaks stands out as a premier destination for those seeking a vibrant dining atmosphere coupled with an all-American culinary experience. Recognizing the sacrifices of military personnel, Twin Peaks offers a special military discount, ensuring that our heroes can unwind and dine at a reduced cost. 

This article discusses the specifics of the Twin Peaks military discount, additional promotions, and cost-saving tips, providing a guide for all patrons, especially our esteemed military members.

Does Twin Peaks Offer A Military Discount?

Yes, Twin Peaks does offer military discounts, but the specifics can vary depending on the location and day of the week. 

  • Veterans Day: On November 11th, 2023, active-duty military and veterans received a free lunch from a select menu at participating Twin Peaks locations. This may or may not be repeated next year, so it's worth checking with your local restaurant closer to the date.

  • Memorial Day: Some Twin Peaks locations have offered free meals to veterans and active-duty military on Memorial Day in the past. Again, it's best to check with your local restaurant for confirmation.

  • Everyday Discount: Some, but not all, Twin Peaks locations offer a year-round military discount. This is typically around 10-20% off your bill. To find out if your local restaurant participates, you can call them directly or check their website. They may also have information about the discount on their social media pages.

What Other Discount Or Promotions Does Twin Peaks Offer?

Besides the military discount, Twin Peaks offers a variety of other discounts and promotions throughout the year. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Happy Hour: Many Twin Peaks locations offer Happy Hour specials on weekdays, typically from 3-6 pm. These may include discounted drinks, appetizers, or both. You can find specific details on their website or by calling your local restaurant.

  • Daily or Weekly Specials: Some Twin Peaks locations have daily or weekly specials on food or drinks. These could be anything from a specific burger deal to discounted wings nights. Again, checking their website or calling your local restaurant is the best way to stay updated on current offerings.

  • Membership Programs: Twin Peaks offers a "Peak Card" loyalty program that provides members with various benefits, including:

    • Points on every purchase: Earn points on every food and beverage purchase that can be redeemed for rewards like free food, drinks, or merchandise.

    • Birthday bonus: Receive a special bonus offer on your birthday.

    • Exclusive access to events and promotions: Get invited to special events and receive exclusive discounts and promotions.

  • Seasonal Promotions: Twin Peaks often runs seasonal promotions, such as discounts on holiday menu items or special offers for events like Super Bowl Sunday. Keep an eye on their website, social media pages, or email newsletter for upcoming deals.

  • Online Ordering: Some Twin Peaks locations offer online ordering for pickup or delivery. This can be a convenient way to save time and sometimes even get exclusive discounts or coupons.

Tips To Save At Twin Peaks

  • Look for coupons and promo codes: There are a number of websites and apps that offer coupons and promo codes for Twin Peaks. A quick Google search should help you find some good deals.

  • Go during off-peak hours: Twin Peaks can get crowded, especially on weekends and during prime dining hours. If you can, try to go during off-peak hours, such as early in the week or late at night. This will help you avoid the crowds and may even get you a better table.

  • Share your food: The portions at Twin Peaks are large. If you're not a big eater, consider sharing your meal with a friend or family member. This is a great way to save money and try a variety of dishes.

  • Skip the alcohol: Alcohol can be expensive, especially at restaurants. If you're looking to save money, consider skipping the alcohol or sticking to just one drink.

  • Take advantage of freebies: Twin Peaks sometimes offers freebies, such as birthday desserts or appetizers with the purchase of a drink. Be sure to ask your server about any current promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Documentation is Required for the Military Discount?

To benefit from the military discount, individuals need to present a valid military ID. This could include a Common Access Card (CAC), Uniformed Services ID Card, or a state-issued ID that reflects veteran status.

Is the Military Discount Available at All Twin Peaks Locations?

While the military discount is a nationwide initiative by Twin Peaks, participation can vary by location. It's recommended to check with your local Twin Peaks restaurant for specific details about the discount.

Can Family Members of Military Personnel Avail the Discount?

The military discount at Twin Peaks is typically offered to the service member. However, policies regarding family members can vary by location, so it's best to inquire at the restaurant directly.

Are There Specific Days or Times When the Military Discount is Available?

The availability of the military discount can depend on the individual Twin Peaks location. Some restaurants might offer the discount only on certain days, such as Veterans Day, while others might provide it year-round.

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