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Oakley Military Discount

January 22, 2024

Oakley is a beacon of innovation and quality in tactical and high-performance gear. Particularly notable is their commitment to the brave men and women serving in the military. The question for most of these individuals is whether Oakley extends a generous Military Discount program.

This blog discusses the Oakley Military Discount, exploring its facets, eligibility, and how to maximize savings on Oakley's extensive range of products.

Does Oakley Offer A Military Discount?

Yes, Oakley provides a dedicated military discount through its Oakley Standard Issue (OSI) program. This program is specifically designed for U.S. military members, including active duty, veterans, retirees, and reservists, as well as government tactical and first responders, including federal and local law enforcement, fire, and EMS professionals. The discount offered by Oakley is significant, with savings of up to 60% on their high-quality protection equipment​​​​.

Oakley Standard Issue is not open to the general public; it exclusively serves the needs of these specific groups. The program offers a range of products tailored for military and tactical use, including ballistic-rated eyewear, apparel, and accessories like goggles, boots, and tactical gloves, designed to meet the rigorous demands of their professional duties​​​​.

To access the Oakley Military Discount, eligible individuals must validate their military status on the Oakley website during checkout via the ID.me platform. Once verified, they can enjoy the discount on future orders without the need for repeated verification​​​​.

What Other Discount Or Promotions Does Oakley Offer?

In addition to the military discount, Oakley also offers various other promotions and discounts. For instance, they have a 20% discount on their Custom Collection of eyewear, and occasionally, they offer a $10 discount on all orders. These promotions can be found through Oakley's coupon codes and are applicable to different product categories like apparel, accessories, and eyewear​​.

Customers can also save by navigating to Oakley's sales page, where products are discounted up to 70%. Oakley provides free shipping on orders over $50. Signing up for Oakley's newsletter is another great way to stay updated on new products, offers, and discounts​​.

Tips To Save At Oakley

  • Utilize Oakley Standard Issue: For eligible military and tactical personnel, Oakley SI offers the best discounts, often ranging from 35% to 50% off. The program also includes exclusive products and collections tailored to military and tactical needs​​​​.

  • Stay Informed About Special Promotions: Oakley SI occasionally offers additional sales, discounts, or promo codes, especially during holiday weekends like Black Friday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. These can provide further savings on top of the standard discounts​​.

  • Combine Discounts with Other Programs: If you have access to other rewards programs, such as cashback credit cards, consider using them in conjunction with your Oakley purchases to maximize savings. However, always check the terms and conditions to ensure these combinations are allowed​​.

  • Follow Oakley on Social Media: To stay updated on new releases, promotions, and exclusive deals, follow Oakley on their social media platforms and sign up for their newsletter​​.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I save with Oakley's Military Discount?

Eligible individuals can save up to 60% on Oakley's high-quality protective equipment through the Oakley Standard Issue program​​.

How do I access Oakley's Military Discount?

To access the discount, verify your military or tactical status on the Oakley website during checkout using the ID.me platform. Once verified, you can enjoy the discount on future orders without needing to repeat the verification process​​​​.

What products are included in the Oakley Standard Issue program?

The Oakley Standard Issue program offers a range of products, including ballistic-rated eyewear, apparel, and accessories like goggles, boots, tactical gloves, and more, all designed to meet the demands of military and tactical duties​​​​.

Are there other discounts or promotions available at Oakley?

Yes, Oakley also offers various other discounts, including 20% off on their Custom Collection, $10 off on all orders, and up to 70% off on selected items in their sales page. They also provide free shipping on orders over $50​​.

Can civilians purchase Oakley Standard Issue products?

No, Oakley Standard Issue products are exclusively available to eligible military and tactical personnel and are not for sale to the general public​​.

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