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A New Chapter: Neguard.com Joins Forces with AmericanVeteran.org

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Neguard.com, a long-established pillar of assistance and knowledge for the Nebraska National Guard community, has officially become a part of the AmericanVeteran.org family. This joining of forces represents more than just a consolidation of two platforms; it signifies the harmonious fusion of two proud legacies, both deeply committed to supporting our nation's heroes.

The Legacy of Neguard.com

Since its inception, Neguard.com has been an invaluable resource for the Nebraska Military Department. The website has stood as a testament to the Adjutant General's vision of intensive community engagement at all levels, a commitment to diversity, and the pursuit of stable and relevant military missions. It has served as a bridge between the community and various military units, providing updates, educational opportunities, and an in-depth look at the Nebraska National Guard's life.

Why AmericanVeteran.org?

AmericanVeteran.org shares a similar spirit of service but on a national scale. Our platform has always been dedicated to supporting veterans across the United States, providing resources, the latest news, and a community for American veterans from all military branches. By integrating Neguard.com into our platform, we are expanding our reach and enriching our community with the rich history and courage of the Nebraska National Guard.

Uniting for a Stronger Future

Integrating Neguard.com with AmericanVeteran.org celebrates our commitment to serving active-duty personnel and veterans. While Neguard.com has played a crucial role in the local military community, its ethos aligns perfectly with our mission to provide comprehensive support, resources, and advocacy for veterans nationwide.

What This Means for Our Users

For current users of Neguard.com, expect to find the same dedication to the military community, now amplified by AmericanVeteran.org's wider array of resources and extensive support network. You'll still receive all the crucial updates and information you've come to rely on, now with the benefit of a robust national platform to serve you better.

Join Us on This Exciting New Journey

We honor the legacy of Neguard.com and warmly welcome its users to the AmericanVeteran.org community. We're poised to offer more extensive support, resources, and community engagement. We invite you to join us in this exciting new chapter as we continue to serve those who’ve bravely served our nation.

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