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AI Usage Policy

Purpose and Scope

This policy outlines the acceptable use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies on AmericanVeteran.org. It aims to ensure that AI is used responsibly, ethically, and in a manner that respects the rights and privacy of our users, especially American veterans.

Data Privacy and Protection

  • AI technologies shall not be used to collect, store, or process personal data without explicit user consent.
  • Any data used to train or refine AI models will be anonymized and stripped of personally identifiable information.


  • Users will be informed when they are interacting with an AI tool or system on our website.
  • The purpose and functionality of the AI tool will be clearly explained to users.

Ethical Use

  • AI will not be used to discriminate against any user based on race, gender, age, disability, or any other protected characteristic.
  • AI recommendations or decisions will be unbiased, and measures will be in place to regularly audit and correct any biases that may emerge.

User Interaction

  • Users have the right to opt-out of any AI-driven personalization or recommendations.
  • Feedback mechanisms will be in place for users to report concerns or issues related to AI functionalities.


  • AI is a tool and not a replacement for human judgment. All AI-generated content, recommendations, or decisions should be considered as suggestions, and users should exercise their judgment before acting on them.

Continuous Learning and Improvement

  • Regular audits will be conducted to assess the accuracy and efficiency of AI tools.
  • Feedback from users will be used to refine and improve AI functionalities.

Third-party AI Tools

  • Any third-party AI tools or services integrated into AmericanVeteran.org will be vetted for compliance with our ethical standards and data protection policies.

Policy Review

  • This policy will be reviewed annually or as needed based on technological advancements and feedback.


For any questions, concerns, or feedback related to AI usage on AmericanVeteran.org, users can reach out to our dedicated AI ethics and compliance team at [email protected].

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